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So fun!

We’ve had our Go Coconut for almost a month and it has been played with everyday! My 2 and 4 year olds love climbing, sliding, jumping and building with it! So much imaginary play has come from it! I’m very happy with the purchase and it even arrived earlier than expected!

Who needs a couch!?

This is the most fun thing ever. The quality is so much better than I expected - and I had high expectations! The material swipes away our cat’s fur with barely any effort, and really does have this grippy quality to it that is quite impressive. Our 4year old has slept in/on it for 3 nights now and has different names for various set-ups; Highly recommend the banana bed. Or the Hamster house. Anyway this has changed our lives for the better and can’t believe it’s also Canadian made by super nice people. Good place to put your money!

Excellent service et superbe produit

Vu le délais supplémentaires en raison de l’approvisionnement des matériaux, nous avons rapidement été contacté, même par téléphone, étant donné que le courriel était entré dans nos spams.
On nous a exposé nos choix et puisque nous avons pris la décision de conserver notre couleur et donc de retarder la livraison, une carte cadeau nous été offerte. Alors, vraiment rien a reprocher sur le service et que dire du produit !
Rapidement les différentes configurations ont été exécutés par nos deux trésors. Elles l’ont très rapidement adoptée! Il s’agit sans aucun doute d’un produit de qualité!

The Coconut / Midnight Tide
Michele Champagne
C'est fantastique!

Nos enfants adorent leur coconut et nous aussi! Nous l'utilisons tous les jours et les options sont tellement variées, pas moyen de s'ennuyer!

Sample kit
So helpful!

I wasn’t positive what colour I wanted but the samples really helped me decide. I felt it was important to see the colours in the lighting here at home.
I’m thankful it was an option!

Fidèle à la description

Ce module est parfait pour jouer avec des jeunes enfants, par contre les fermetures éclairs auraient pu être mieux protégées pour éviter les blessures lorsque les enfants grimpent et s'amusent.

Awesome customer service

I purchased two go coconuts. It is one of the best purchase I have done for kids. Very versatile. Play couch and mattress to sleep on. My kids love it. Love the color Fig. And most importantly awesome customer service. I had issue with delivery from Canada post. They were so helpful to work with Canada post to get my products to me. Will recommend it 100%.

Kids love it!

Who knew a few pieces of foam could have so much play value?! My kids (1,4,6) have been playing with it non-stop. We do not typically spend a lot of money on toys or things for our kids but there are no regrets here. We are already considering a second! Service was great, clear communication and honest and transparent ordering. We got our couch earlier than anticipated 😀

Best purchase!

This has been played with daily by my 11 month and 3.5 year old. They are still exploring all the different ways to play after 3 months. But it’s an amazing product. River stone is the perfect grey/blue colour too.


Il a servi de chaise de lecture, de salle de jeux et de lit pour ma petite fille de 3 ans (ainsi que pour moi). J'ai montré les différentes possibilités à mes enfants (adulte) et ils ont bien hâte de le manipuler. Il est même arrivé en avance de quelques semaines. On peut facilement le ranger dans un coin quand on n'en a pas besoin. Bravo.

So grateful for our coconut!

Like many I'm sure, I hesitated over buying a play couch for several weeks, wondering if my baby was too young to enjoy it, if my other child was too old, if it would take up space and be another regrettable pandemic purchase, but we agree this has been a great addition to our home. We've used our coconut daily since it arrived. Our toddler is 13 months and has benefited from having it set up as a crash pad and play area where she's worked on her ability to walk down and up steps, climb, and back up into a seated position. Her big brother is nearly 10 and has enjoyed trying the different builds, bouncing off it, and relaxing on it. The coconut has given them new ways to play together which is wonderful to watch. We also use it for watching tv and as a nap spot for the toddler and are amazed at how something so sturdy is so comfortable. The coconut is well made and versatile and I've been thoroughly converted to their usefulness for most families. :)

Love it!

My son is 18 months and since we've received our Coconut, we've played with it every day!

We did have a very small seam that the thread came out of (~1 inch) but this has been super minor and easily fixable :)

Des heures de plaisir! :)

Worth Every Penny

Excellent quality, and it gets lots of play every day. So happy with our purchase!

Love it.

It gets played with everyday. Super pricey but I'm all ready thinking about buying a second.

Pitaya punch

Un indispensable! La qualité et la couleur est MERVEILLEUSE, croquette de 7 mois et elle adore déjà grimper dessus, et ça sert même pour faire des barrières (hihi) . Tellement heureuse de pouvoir encourager une compagnie d'ici! Un investissement pour plusieurs années!

Un indispensable

Depuis que nous avons offert le go coconut à notre fils de 14 mois, il ne peut plus s’en passer ! Pour grimper, se cacher, relaxer...C’est sans équivoque un indispensable dans la salle de jeux!

Le tissus qui couvre les divans se déplace beaucoup, ce qui fait en sorte que les plis bougent, et les morceaux de divan ne peuvent se fermer comme il faut. Je dois constamment ouvrir les dessus, et les replacer. Par ailleurs, j'aime bien la fermeté du divan.

The Coconut / Cranberry Rain
Louise Lefèbvre
J’adore mon Go Coconut!

J’ai acheté mon Coconut pour mes petites filles et je n’ai pas été déçue. Il est très bien fait, même si le délai de livraison est long, l’attente en vaut la peine. Je le recommande à tous ceux qui ont des enfants. Des heures de plaisir et de rire en vue. Merci à toute votre équipe et longue vie à votre entreprise!


The Coconut / River Stone
Madelaine Kennedy
So much fun!

We love our coconut couch. Our son loves to play with its many configurations and I've even been enjoying lounging on it while watching TV. We are very happy with our purchase!

We love our Coconut!

My five-year- old and one-year-old both love playing on the Coconut. I was impressed by its durability. It's actually quite comfortable for adults as some extra seating too. I love how the colour (River Stone) nicely compliments our living room decor.

Crazy About This Coconut Company

While learning about this product, I was initially engaged because of the origin of its birth. I support Canadian, local and quality. I’m the first to grab a deal, although this product doesn’t come cheap. But looking at a full winter during COVID and watching my grandchildren jump on their living room and bedroom furniture I knew this was the right product for them. I like that it can be anything they want and blend with living room and bedroom furniture as they grow.
The people behind the service are very friendly and helpful especially as the colour I wanted was back ordered, I held on and waited an additional 3 months. Now it’s May and we’re outside all the time, the Coconut is still worth waiting for.
~ Marie

Super achat

Les enfants en rafollent et la qualité est super!

Great for play

Already my 10 month old loves climbing all over the couch in many configurations. Seems to be great quality and customer service was impeccable.

Parfait pour inventer et bouger. Service VIP.

Mes enfants de 4 et 5 ans adorent. Ils se font des parcours, des maisons/chalets, des cachettes. Le service est vraiment impeccable. On a tout fait pour que mon Coconut arrive le jour de la fête de ma fille. Livraison VIP la veille ! Merci encore à l'équipe de Go Coconut. J’adore le format et la couleur river stone.