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Excellent achat

Mes enfants sont complètement en amour avec leurs coconut! 7 ans et 4 ans ici !Rapport qualité prix excellent!!! Je le recommande


Before I made my choice, I looked at every brand of play couch available, in the US and Canada. I would have waited however long it took to get the best quality, colour, fabric and size option. In the end, there was no contest: the half coconut was perfect for my needs (I’m a grandmother). Children take over your life, your home, your heart quite naturally, and that is wonderful, but I prefer that their toys be easy on the eyes, don’t you? The colour Kiwi swing is the best of both worlds: a happy youthful colour and an elegant one too. The design is very clever - the beam is a cool idea. The first grandbaby is only 16 months but he knew exactly what to do... Oh and how nice to encourage a company so close to home.

Happy Customer!

Awesome product! I especially like how firm and thick the cushion is. And it took barely any time to expand out after being packaged! The Cranberry Rain colour was vibrant and beautiful.

Sooo happy I went with Go Coconut! There are a lot of couch products on the market, but I loved that they had the additional pieces, eg. rockers and wedges. My kiddo loves them. A huge selling point for me was that both main couch cushions were the same thickness, not just one good one and one flimsy one. This makes them both useful when you're building your fort creations! Additionally, with the large width and firmness of the foam - I definitely could see it being utilized as a bed in a pinch.

I'll definitely recommend it to other mom friends. And we may have to get a second coconut after our next kiddo arrives!

Wedge & Rocker Bundle
Great product!

Wonderful product, perfect edition to our play couch. Only thing is I was surprised they came in a giant box not shrink wrapped! Other than that, everything is high quality and used daily. Thank you!

Great multi-purpose couch

My family just moved so we are still waiting for new furniture to be delivered. The delivery on the coconut couches were very quick and we started using these as soon as we moved in.

We’ve been using our coconuts for so many things - as a play mat, play gym, bed for naps and couch. It made settling into our new place much easier. I’m sure we will use it in more ways as my little one gets older!

The Coconut / Charcoal Chill

Loved everyday

Our coconut has become a staple our living room with tremendous use every day. Our nearly-three year old frequently requests new designs to play with. We admittedly bought a second within a couple weeks of the first; now the possibilities are endless!


Good quality. Very timely delivery. My daughter loves it!

Best purchase ever

This couch is the best purchase we've ever made. Our kids play with it every single day! The foam is very sturdy and can support a decent amount of weight, which is great for big & small kids. I love that the beams are flat on top as the kids love walking on them. I also love that they are the same length as the couch. All of these features set The Coconut apart from other brands and are the reason we purchased this one. Fantastic product!

Super Achat!

Les enfants se sont immédiatement mis à jouer. Les blocs sont à la fois facile à manipuler pour les enfants et solides!

Excellent customer service

I had such a wonderful experience ordering from them. Louis was so helpful and replied to my emails promptly. I got the half coconut in mango blast. The colour is so nice and just as pictured. Once I placed my order I received it within a week! My nephew loves it! Thank you Go Coconut!!

Worth Every Penny!!

Cannot recommend this enough!!! I have 2 toddlers and was going to buy them a bounce house. Several of my friends recommended this play couch instead and I am SO glad we bought our Go Coconut!! The kids will get years of enjoyment from this. It is now their absolute favorite thing to play with and gets used daily. My husband loves it as well and gets right in there playing with the kids. We couldn't be more impressed and plan to buy another one in the future. Best purchase ever!

Baby loves it

My baby loves to climb on the half coconut all day. It also makes a good bed when I sleep in her room. We want to get another one soon!

Amazing quality

Was deciding between this company and similar Canadian ones. This design seems the best/most versatile! Here were the comparisons I noticed:
1. The back pieces (beams) have flat tops (not pointed like some competitors) and the kids can use it as a balance beam or sit other blocks/blankets on top easily for forts. More versatile.
2. the material is very 'grippy' - so even when I sit on the couch, the back piece doesn't slide (and the firmness is very comfortable for my old back). The material is excellent quality and the velvet nature makes the pieces easy to assemble (stay together) and not frustrating for my youngest to put together. Her fort stays put.
3. Both base pieces are the same thickness. I think this was a good decision as both kids can use each piece as an extra mattress, it keeps it fair when deciding who gets what, and the extra thickness is good for gymnastic-like activities.

My kids are 5 and 7, it is almost the end of the pandemic and I thought, wow I could've used this 2 years ago, but it still gets a ton of use - and is comfortable and firm enough to sleep on when cousins come over. I payed full price, no regrets here.

Our boys love building with Coconut.


The Coconut / Rhino Tango
Elise Bouchard-Bouliane
Meilleur achat!

Nos enfants l’utilisent tous les jours ( 3 ans et 1 ans) pour jouer ou relaxer, et même la famille lorsque l’on reçoit. Super achat, esthétique dans notre maison et permet de jouer avec créativité.

Je laisse rarement des commentaires, le Go coconut est incroyable, super service également, nous sommes plus que satisfaits!

So fun! Waterproof cover should be included though.

Very fun, soft, great foam density! Only complaint being that for the price, the waterproof cover should be included. It’s pretty much a must if your kids are under 5.

Love it!

Arrived super fast and it’s used/played with everyday! My girls are 7 & 5, they climb and build with it constantly and even hubby and I will use it to watch movies on lol

Great customer service

At first the couch gave off a bit of a smell. I emailed the company stating my concern and they responded right away with a number of possible causes and solutions. They even went to the foam manufacturer to confirm that there were no harmful chemicals used in the making of their foam. One week outside and the smell is gone - likely due to the compression from packaging. Customer service is everything and these folks delivered exceptional service! I would buy from them again in a heartbeat. Oh, and my son loves the couch!

Love it

Love this play couch! So fun for my son who just turned 2. He loves playing with the different pieces and making slides and tunnels and climbing in them. Love the imaginative play that this brings for him. Thanks for an awesome product. We even washed the covers and it was easy to clean and put back on.

Wedge Pack
Emma Blomdahl
Best addition to our go coconut!

My toddler plays with these daily. Between the super slide, mountain climber, and floor is lava, the wedge pack ( and our rocker) are very well loved. He loves to build obstacle courses, and it’s become car ramps for his monster trucks on many occasion!
The possibilities with these are endless.
Our whole play room revolves around the go coconut now!


The kids love this couch/Fort

They're still playing

My kids never play with any toy for very long. They've been consistently play with the Coconut for a couple of weeks now. If they ever get bored of it, we can always actually keep it assembled.

Best investment

I said investment for a good reason! It’s definitely on the pricey side, but OMG! Best money ever spent! I bought if for my son when he was 16 months old and started climbing on to things, he made such an amazing progress ever since , he loooves playing with it!
The material is super durable, oddly good for climbing and sliding as well.
The selling point on this product for us was that it comes with 2 thick foams (unlike the competition that’s 1 thick one thinner). It’s super sturdy.
Overall we’ve been using it for 2 months with our firstborn, and will definitely be part of our playroom for long long years to come


The quality overall quality is amazing. The fabric covers are so well made and durable, they’re soft and the cushions are extra firm and have been holding up very well. Removing the foams from the covers for washing is easy to do and so is putting it all back together. My 2 year old loves his play couch and my husband loves it just as much as he does LOL. Definitely worth the purchase!