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Where it all began

The Go Coconut story begins with a baby 👶🏽

At the end of 2019, one of our founders Diana Horqque learned that she would soon give birth to little human and start her journey as a mother. Curious by nature, she began scouring the Internet for motherhood advice and in the midst of it all, she became obsessed onto understanding child development and the Montessori philosophy of education.

She felt in love with the idea of creating an environment designed to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration by the child, and believed that the furniture at her small apartment, though beautiful, wasn't creating the right space for her baby. In her 5 1/2 in Montreal, every inch counts, and with all of the new baby stuff in her place, she needed something versatile that will grow with her child.

That's when she discovered the concept of foam furniture. However, despite her best research for months, procuring a unit available for sale in Canada proved to be almost impossible and even then, she felt that what was out there in the international market wasn't satisfying her designer and mom heart.

This is when the Eureka moment came.

She had worked with fabric and toys as a designer, and this was the perfect love story between these 2.

Develop a product for parents like her, who value handcraft quality and believe it's not about the quantity of toys, it's about thoughtful, versatile and beautiful timeless design that will last for years.

We could proudly make a product more readily available for Canadians by making it ourselves, right here in our own backyard.

Making it happen

Taking the concept from an idea into a real life business in just a few months, Go Coconut's purpose was always to not only empower children and encourage independent play, but to give parents the tools to create a special moments for family bonding.

We are very proud to have received many positive reviews from the Canadian press, having been featured on tv in Global news across the country, but also in local newspapers such as La Presse and the Journal de Montreal-Casa, their interior design section. Go Coconut was also featured as one of Canada's fastest growing business outside of Ontario by The Peak in May of 2021.

Where we are now

In less than a year, we have grown exponentially. Today, Go Coconut not only designs every piece it creates, but also oversees the entirety of its production process from cutting the fabric and sewing it entirely with the help of local Canadian workers, to stuffing the foam in and packaging products for expedition.

We also pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service! We believe that parents have already so much on their plate, and we want to make their experience as easy as possible.

Proudly Canadian, for Canadians, by Canadians. Go Coconut Canada!

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