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So much fun

Our daughter is only 9 months, so we bought the coconut more for us right now! We love it! The firm foam is so nice for sitting we prefer it to our couch. Love that the bolsters are the same length as the base cushions and the same height as the double base. So many fun combos. Shipping was fast and the coconut took mere hours to pop into full form once unpackaged. We will likely buy a half coconut in the future to add to ours. Highly recommend !

Feedback make the handles the same colour as the couch instead of white so it blends in more.

Fabric Samples
Jocelyn Labrecque
Beautiful fabrics!

The fabrics are amazing (OG & Adventure): rich colours, thick durable material that is soft to touch. The colour selection is fantastic...the hardest part of the process is choosing just one colour!

Awesome addition!

The door set has been a great addition to our GoCoconut couch! The kids use it as a door to their fort, an obstacle course tunnel, and they’ve even used the door as a shield during pretend play ☺️. Great quality as always! We are all very satisfied!!

The Coconut
Miranda Miller

Product is excellent and arrived exactly when we requested ( we deferred delivery for a birthday) .

Love this

Kids love practicing balance skills and experimenting with tipping.

Liner Set
Marie-Hebert G.
Rempli parfaitement leur fonction

Les housses imperméables s’installent facilement et sont très pratiques.

Must-have for any home!

Incredible customer service and the quality of the product is very high and soft yet durable.

The Half-Coconut
Meg Holden
Awesome versatile thingamajig!

Great quality, timely and efficient delivery and great price Canadian innovation. Cozy seat by the fire, spare bed for a friend, flex cushions for game playing and gathering round!

Fabric Samples
Lea Plamondon
Magnifique tissu

Super tissu et le rosh blush est mon préféré

The Coconut
Super produit, super service !

Super produit, je le recommande de fortement

Great company!

Products are wonderful and customer service is above and beyond. Hard to come by these days. Love this company!

The Coconut
Gabriel Canac Marquis Dumas
Très satisfaits

Très satisfaits de notre Go coconut!! Comfortable, design et amusant!

Fabric Samples
Marie Beattie

Fabric Samples

So much fun!

We are a child care centre. Our children are having a blast with this product. They are creating many forts and designs. Delivery was also very quick from the date we ordered. We will definitely be ordering again soon to add to our collection.

Fabric Samples
Jessie Jacques
Meilleur achat !

Meilleur achat que nous avons fait ! Vraiment
Vraiment génial nous avons acheter un go coconut et un demi coconut pour nos enfants et c'est tout simplement parfait ! On l'adore !

One of the best “toys” we have bought so far. It gets used as a perfectly sized couch, activity table, and play centre. It’s great all around.

Achat que nous avons fait on adores nos coconuts !

The Coconut

Meilleur achat que nous avons fait pour nos enfants on adores nos coconuts 🥰

Wedge Pack
Sophia Virani
Great addition

The kids like making unstable obstacles that run over the wedges, use them as slides and in general the wedges have added a new dimension of fun to our coconuts

The Coconut
Jeannette Ng

The Coconut

Fabric Samples

Tout est parfait!

Amazing Product!!

We also love all of our coconut products, we got the builder set for my daughter to go with my sons full coconut. There is so much play to be had! My son (4.5) just builds and builds all day, while my daughter (1) loves trying to climb and go through builds. Absolutely fantastic product! My parents even have a coconut and a half for when my kids visit. Can not rave enough!!


C’était ma première commande et ce ne sera pas la dernière! Ultra pratique, confortable et multi fonctionnel!

The Coconut
Kim Friesen
Great Playmat for Babies

I bought these cushions for my 1-year-old granddaughter, she loves them and spends lots of time on them. I love them too, they are much better than sitting on the floor to play with her. Delivery was speedy.

Half-Moon pack
Noemie Guillard

Half-Moon pack