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Like expected/Tel qu’attendu

The Color blue navy is perfect. The product looks brand new. The cushions are firm. The kids have played quite a lot with the Coconut and can also have quiet moments. Good for our needs.

Liner Set
So worth it!

Right after I put them on, I think I had 2 spills in the week after. Perfect timing! SO MUCH EASIER to put the normal covers on after they have been washed, as it's much slippery with the waterproof liners!

The Coconut / Rhino Tango
nathalie bougie

Confort excellent, qualité excellente, livraison rapide🙂


Beaucoup de plaisir

Wedge & Rocker Bundle
Samantha Hill-Gagne

Very thick foam, the kids love running on top of them, and rocking on the rockers

The Coconut / Mango Blast
Jennifer Bernier
So perfect!

Honestly, best product ever for our 2 kids. Possibilities are infinite and it will stay in our home for a long long time. Very polyvalent

Almost new but still fantastic!

My son loves our coconut, he has been using it nearly everyday! We purchased the almost new coconut and do not regret going this route. While I can notice a slight difference in colour between some of the pieces. It is only under the right light conditions - no one else seems to notice and I don’t mind! Win win!!

Almost New Coconut
Taryn Corrie
Fantastic Almost New Coconut

If I wasn’t told this was almost new, I would never have guessed! Fantastic quality and well taken care of before coming to our home. 10/10 recommend!

The Coconut / Mango Blast
Jeremy Remillard

The Coconut / Mango Blast

Fabric Samples
Madeleine Bonneviot

Mes enfants sont aux anges. Ils l’utilisent tous les jours. J’ai pris un du Reloved Program et rien à redire, comme neuf!

The Coconut / Midnight Tide

Great to see and feel

It’s so hard to pick the color from what you see on one or two or three screens even and it was fantastic that I could order these swatches.

They came with individual cards that had a picture of the couch in the color of the swatch, and it was Very well thought out and very well done. It was really easy to pick the colors.

So fun

My 2 year old grandson loves it. Forts and just sitting on a sofa!

The Coconut / Sea Berry
Marie-Claude Couture

Mes enfants (12 mois et 6ans) adore. Parfait pour ma salle de jeux. Cousin parfaitement ferme et facile a nettoyer.

Almost New Coconut
Frederique B.
L’achat parfait!!!

Nous sommes tellement ravis par notre Go coconut, nos garçons de 1 an et 3 ans peuvent passer des heures à s’amuser de mille et une façons différentes!!! Un vrai must, aucun regret :)

Double walls adds huge creativity boost!

My kids are a bit older at 10, 8 and 4. We already have the 3 GoCoconut couches, which got play as forts and sleeping mats for sleepovers. But when we added a double wall set for each kid, the creative play went waaaay up! Suddenly there were castles, islands with bridges, caves, ships, battles with shields, mazes, and so much more! They play together and individually all the time. Absolutely worth the purchase! Recommend the double wall because it is so sturdy and the design is like lego, where all the different thickness of pieces lined up so well.

Almost New Coconut
Geneviève Hébert

Pour tous ceux qui hésitent comme moi, ils ont vraiment l’air neuf, ça vaut vraiment la peine pour 100$ de moins! Je suis très satisfaite et mon fils les adore!

Fabric Samples
Nancy Sanita

Fabric Samples


J’adore tout simplement

Love it!

Five year old plays on it every day.

Super jeu

Je suis vraiment satisfaite de la qualité,c’est très égale à ce que on voit sur le site.

Builder Bundle (7 pieces)
Anne-Sophie Laberge

Builder Bundle (7 pieces)

The Coconut / Fig
Beatriz Pantojo
Ma fille adore

J’adore ce divan, très confortable et pratique. Ma fille adore construire des différentes maison avec.

Liner Set
Risa Pimentel
Good but too expensive

It really good for my daycare to avoid unwanted spills but way too EXPENSIVE!!!

Great for all ages

We are very pleased with our coconut, we have the discovery bundle that gives us the half coconut and the lounge pad, my daughter is only 4 months so I didn’t expect to get a lot of use at first, but I was so wrong. We use it everyday. She loves to nap on the thick base and the lounge pad is great for for mom or dad to sit on while our baby is having floor time. I often lay her tummy time mat on the thick base so she isn’t directly on the hard floor. We can’t wait to get more accessories!!