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Fabric Samples
Jamie Mullins

These were so wonderful I ended up choosing colours I wouldn't have if I didn't get the samples. Love that these are offered.

Great for multiple children!

We are so happy with our coconut couch. It is a perfect match for our family. Our 5 year old loves creating new builds to jump off of and crawl through...our 1 year old triplets love using it to tumble, roll and crawl over! We love playing on the floor with the kids now that we have this awesome furniture to sit comfortably on. All around winner with great, sturdy foam support. Thank you for creating such a great product!

The Coconut / Midnight Tide

The Coconut / Mango Blast
Amélie Bourque
The best toys we own!

We are absolutely in love with our GoCoconut. It gets used everyday for hours by my kids (1, 4 and 7yo)

We love our coconut!

So happy with our Half Coconut. The cushions are firm, but comfortable, the fabric is very soft, the shipping was so quick, and the product was packaged well. It’s being used constantly in our house, and still looks like it did the day we bought it. Highly recommend!

The Coconut / Mango Blast
Melynda St-Pierre
Perfect for gross motor

Loving it already! My 14 month old climbs and crawls all over it every day. We decided on the Coconut last year and waited for the Mango colour to come back in stock. Very happy, it suits our playroom beautifully. Looking forward to many years of fun with this.

Outstanding quality

My now 18-month old loves playing with his Coconut, all the different configurations makes it so much fun each time!! This will be something he will continue to enjoy over the next few years for sure 😄

Very fun and comfortable couch

I ordered 2 sets and we are really enjoying them. The only complaint I have it that I ordered the same color but one is darker than another.

Kiddos love this!

My kiddos spend hours playing with this. Fantastic couch.

Fabric Samples
Vicki Newell

Fabric Samples

Great buy

Love that adults can sit on them without sag and the fabric doesn't slip allowing secure stacking. They shipped much quicker than expected too!


Our 3.5 year old daughter absolutely loves her coconut! A different fort is built each day, with couch mode for movies :) love it! Hoping to get a second one some day!

Mega Rockers
Lauryn A
Wonderful addition

I wasn’t sure if we really needed this at first but I’m so glad I bought it. My son loves using it as a hill or rocking hard back and forth. Holds up really well even with an adult sitting on it. Very pleased

Wedge Pack
Lauryn A
Absolutely adore it!

We absolutely love this. My son enjoys setting up large slopes and rocking hard back and forth. Impressed with how little they compact when even an adult is sitting on them. Very pleased

The Coconut / Rhino Tango
Jessica Paczuski

Very firm, much firmer than a bed. And lightweight. 6 month old and us are already getting a lot of use out of it. The fabric has a lot of friction and the bolsters stay in place when he pushes on them, which is great! Will be fun when he’s older! Already considering getting a second one

Dens and forts galore!

We received the The Coconut in papaya splash more quickly than expected. We surprised our girls aged 5 and 1.5 the next day and they've used it every day since to make obstacle courses and build forts, balance beams, and "trampolines". It's been moved from bedrooms to the family room and sometimes even makes its way into the kitchen during particularly long obstacle-course builds. I spent weeks looking at the Coconut and comparing it to competitors. We are very happy we went with this one; it's so thoughtfully designed with flat-topped beams that are equal length to the cushions, and the cushions are both thick which makes it "fair" for both kids and also far, far more useful compared to other play couches with thick/thin cushions and short triangles. Our Coconut will be used as a spare bed when our nephew visits. My 5 yr old also enjoys using it to practice her gymnastics. It's high quality, muti-purpose, great fun! We are looking forward to adding to it in the future.

Fabric Samples
Jessie Caird

This was helpful to pick our colour! Love the couch!!


We absolutely LOVE our Coconut. Endless imaginative play with both my kids ages 5 and 14 months. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing one if you are on two minds! Do it!
Even fun for mommy’s and daddy’s!
Thank you so much to The Coconut!! We love it!!!

Love our new mat/couch/fort!

We bought the coconut for our basement to go under some monkey bars (!) we've had built for my 4 and 5 year old daughters. I love that the large mats are all the same thickness - they are sturdy, safe, and VERY conducive to fort building! Shipping was fast, and the product feels well-built and durable. Thank you!

The Coconut / Moon Melon

Fun for all

Our little one loves playing with our couch and us adults love it too. We live in an apartment without a ton of space, so we replaced our couch with two full coconuts and are so glad we did!


Absolutely love our couch, we have used it daily. my boys love climbing and sliding on them. we use it for movie nights to cuddle on while watching a movie. I wish they werent so expensive. i would have 5 by now lol. Definitely worth it though.

The Coconut / Midnight Tide
Jennifer Campbell
Great product

Purchased online direct from website, process was simple and straightforward
Took few weeks for the coconut to arrive but was worth the wait,
Came all in one box and packaged very effectively
My son loves it

Excellent achat

Mes enfants sont complètement en amour avec leurs coconut! 7 ans et 4 ans ici !Rapport qualité prix excellent!!! Je le recommande


Before I made my choice, I looked at every brand of play couch available, in the US and Canada. I would have waited however long it took to get the best quality, colour, fabric and size option. In the end, there was no contest: the half coconut was perfect for my needs (I’m a grandmother). Children take over your life, your home, your heart quite naturally, and that is wonderful, but I prefer that their toys be easy on the eyes, don’t you? The colour Kiwi swing is the best of both worlds: a happy youthful colour and an elegant one too. The design is very clever - the beam is a cool idea. The first grandbaby is only 16 months but he knew exactly what to do... Oh and how nice to encourage a company so close to home.