Doing our part to reduce waste, one stitch at a time.
RELOVED program
The inevitable cycle

The best thing we can do for our planet and our kids future is to cut down on consumption and reduce waste. At Go Coconut, we manufacture high quality products with multipurpose that won't break after using with your child, and that can be passed on to another child.

We know that still, there is always a small percentage that doesn't pass quality control or maybe breaks within the first few weeks. Most companies consider these pieces as unusable, but with this approach we are creating more waste for our planet, something we all want to avoid.

Reloved program

We are now introducing our reloved program. It is intended to give you access to products at a discounted price and also to divert refurbished, odd and almost new items from landfills.

Giving perfectly good items a second chance in your home. ✌️

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Almost New Play Couches

Even though the foam is brand new, the cushion covers are almost new.

Floor Models Covers:
These are covers used on our photoshoots!

Refurbished Covers: It happens every so often that one of our covers experiences a small break soon after arriving to its new home. In those cases, our customers send us back the damaged covers right away.

Odd Covers: Sometimes we receive fabric with a slightly tone difference from our regular fabric, or use a different zipper slider.

For all covers: We inspected them, sanitized the fabric, replaced fabric panels, repaired broken seams and zippers when necessary, and voila! Ready to be play with again!

Every 1st and 15th of the month!

We have a limited quantity available! Sign up on the product page to receive notifications to find out when its in stock.*

*No discount or referral codes can be applied to the products under the Reloved program

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Almost New Coconut

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Part of our Reloved Program. Learn more here.

These play couches are almost new and are looking for a home ❤️! Even though the foam is completely new, the cushion covers have been used for photos, refurbished,  color tone of the fabric is slightly different or different zipper slider. Products in this program have up to 25% discount. 

They were all inspected, sanitized, replaced fabric panels, repaired broken seams and zippers when necessary, and voila! Ready to be played with again! 

As always, with this product, you are supporting Canadian manufacturing and obtaining the same limited warranty all our products carry. If the fabric has a slight color difference, it cannot be exchanged. 

Are you looking for a new play couch? Discover the Coconut and the Half-Coconut!

*No discount or referral codes can be applied to the products under the Reloved program


Pennant Bunting

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Available in Canada Only

Part of our Reloved program. Our Pennant Bunting is made from fabric scraps that would have otherwise ended up in the trash. It's upcycling done right and adds a playful touch to any room.

Premium look & feel
✓ Machine washable

✓ Durable Micro Velveteen fabric
✓ Loop ends for easy hanging

✓ Made in Canada

Size: 8 feet long & 9 flags per pennant

SS23 limited release colorway: 

Wave Riders: Midnight Tide, Moon Melon & Sea Berry
Happy Hearts: Cranberry Rain, Rose Blush & Pitaya Punch
Summer Vibes: Sea Berry, Papaya Splash & Mango Blast

Our web images are displayed to be as accurate as possible when it comes to color representation. However, with differences in computer monitors and screen brightness, we cannot be responsible for slight variations between what you see and what you receive. To be sure you’ll love the color and see how the light at your home impacts the look of the fabric — we recommend purchasing fabric samples when possible.

📦 Shipping is free in Canada.* Now ships within 7 business days from the moment your order is placed on our website! 🎉

Do you have local pick up? Yes! Just select and you can come by to our Laval facility once your order is ready. 


A birthday or a special occasion coming up in a few months from now? 

Simply leave us a note in the text box as you place your order, and we are happy to adjust your delivery date so your Coconut arrives in a timely manner 😉  You can also add a greeting card with a special note for your loved one here

How long can a Coconut stay in the box

Coconuts do not like being boxed for a long time as it can damage their soft inside. Pre-order in advance and let us know the date to guarantee timely delivery and guaranteed freshness for immediate fun.