Covers' Warranty

Because we proudly create each individual cover locally within our Laval facilities, we feel confident in the high quality of our manufacturing. To ensure that each of you feels the same when purchasing a Go Coconut product, each cover comes with a limited warranty on manufacturing during the first year. While this warranty does not cover any accidental damage, please note that we will always be there to support you, even beyond the scope of the warranty if needed. Regardless of how long you have had your Coconut and the nature of the issue, reaching out to customer service service@gococonut.ca is always a good idea.


Less than 2 weeks

Upon reception, we recommend quickly inspecting your Coconut out of safety. Although problems are exceptionally rare as we pack and inspect each Coconut ourselves only moments prior to shipping them to you, alas we are only human, and we might have missed a small detail!

Within the first 2 weeks following the reception of your Coconut, we will fully replace any damaged cover with a brand new one, entirely free of charge, while including shipping labels for you to return the damaged ones back to us so we can find a new family for them in our Almost New covers.

Up to 6 months

Once the 2 weeks have passed, rest assured we still have you covered! However, to account for the minute possibility that usage would have its part to play with the problem, we will proceed with a full repair of your covers entirely free of charge including shipping back & forth, over a replacement. This ability to repair covers contributes to our commitment to attain zero waste and is a core part of our long-term efforts to make the world a greener place.

Up to a year

Although the Coconut is built to last through rough play for endless hours, as time passes, the likelihood of problems is naturally likely to increase. Shall a problem arise between 6 months to a year, we so strongly believe in our quality that we will still proceed with a repair of your covers free of charge and return them to you. However, we will request that you ship the covers to us on your own terms to reflect the possibility that usage is also responsible for the concern after being in possession of it for more than 6 months.

After the first year

Our aim is to always be there to support you, family never goes away! Simply reach out to our customer service while explaining the situation, and we will assess each case individually to find a suitable solution.