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The Coconut / Mango Blast
The Coconut / Mango Blast
The Coconut / Mango Blast
The Coconut / Mango Blast

The Coconut / Mango Blast

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Available in Canada Only

Build stories, make memories 🤸‍♂️

The Coconut, is a safe and durable soft foam furniture for kids to lounge, jump and express their creativity! 100% Canadian from design to manufacturing, it is the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room or playroom!

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Why pre-order in advance? A birthday coming up in a few months from now? Coconuts do not like being boxed for a long time as it can damage their soft inside. Pre-order in advance to guarantee timely delivery and guaranteed freshness for immediate fun. 

Measuring 30" deep and 60" long, the Coconut is made of 4 modular pieces designed for ease of build through its symmetry:

The Beam: Two new and unique shapes, they are our very own cushions with a twist. Whether used as a backrest, as a column or simply as a bridge between different builds, its new design creates options for kids to enjoy their playtime!  

The Base: Two cushions that are 5 inches thick to enable the creation of more steady builds while offering more cushiness for play. 


Our team made sure that the materials used were safe for kids to play. We didn't only do this for your kids, but also for ours. 

Foam: We only use 100% Canadian-made foam. Our foam is Certi-PUR certified, which means that it is made without flame retardants and Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It is also free of formaldehyde, phlatates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. 

Fabric: Our fabric is made of a Micro brushed Velveteen that is non-slip and perfect for that “stay in place build”. It has a soft low pile, a velvety smooth finish with subtle modeling effect throughout and get this; it is 100% machine washable! Our fabric passes fire retardant standards without adding any sprays or extra chemicals! The fabric composition is 100% Polyester and the backing is 50% cotton/50% polyester



Do you have questions?  Find our FAQ here.

Want to protect your foam from liquid spills? Check out our waterproof liners here!


Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
So fun!

We’ve had our Go Coconut for almost a month and it has been played with everyday! My 2 and 4 year olds love climbing, sliding, jumping and building with it! So much imaginary play has come from it! I’m very happy with the purchase and it even arrived earlier than expected!

Melody Bostelaar
Who needs a couch!?

This is the most fun thing ever. The quality is so much better than I expected - and I had high expectations! The material swipes away our cat’s fur with barely any effort, and really does have this grippy quality to it that is quite impressive. Our 4year old has slept in/on it for 3 nights now and has different names for various set-ups; Highly recommend the banana bed. Or the Hamster house. Anyway this has changed our lives for the better and can’t believe it’s also Canadian made by super nice people. Good place to put your money!

Audrey Turcotte
Excellent service et superbe produit

Vu le délais supplémentaires en raison de l’approvisionnement des matériaux, nous avons rapidement été contacté, même par téléphone, étant donné que le courriel était entré dans nos spams.
On nous a exposé nos choix et puisque nous avons pris la décision de conserver notre couleur et donc de retarder la livraison, une carte cadeau nous été offerte. Alors, vraiment rien a reprocher sur le service et que dire du produit !
Rapidement les différentes configurations ont été exécutés par nos deux trésors. Elles l’ont très rapidement adoptée! Il s’agit sans aucun doute d’un produit de qualité!

Michele Champagne
C'est fantastique!

Nos enfants adorent leur coconut et nous aussi! Nous l'utilisons tous les jours et les options sont tellement variées, pas moyen de s'ennuyer!

Fidèle à la description

Ce module est parfait pour jouer avec des jeunes enfants, par contre les fermetures éclairs auraient pu être mieux protégées pour éviter les blessures lorsque les enfants grimpent et s'amusent.