6 Play Couch Color Combination ideas: Transform Your space with Cool Cucumber

6 Play Couch Color Combination ideas: Transform Your space with Cool Cucumber

Are you feeling excited about adding a "Cool Cucumber" play couch to your play area or living space, but you don't know how to mix with other colours? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this blog post, we're going to show you six fantastic colour combinations featuring the fresh and cool "Cool Cucumber."

Before we dive in, we want to remind you that you can order fabric samples to accurately gauge colors and textures. We also want to note that our OG fabric can change under different lighting conditions, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Monochromatic Look with Greens

For a calming and monochromatic look, pair "Cool Cucumber" with shades like River Stone or Kiwi Swing. The Visually appealing image showcasing similar colours on the green spectrum will make your space look super zen.

cool cucumber play couch green tones

Soft Pop of Color in Neutral Spaces

If you love neutrals, create a soft pop of colour in your living room or bedroom by combining "Cool Cucumber" with Rhino Tango, Charcoal Chill, Sand Dune, or Cotton Cloud. You'll love the versatility and pastel tones of "Cool Cucumber." 

Cool cucumber play couch neutral mix


Rainbow Palette for Vibrant Play Areas

For a fun and vibrant play area, try incorporating multiple bright colours like Pitaya Punch, Groovy Grape, or Papaya Splash. They stimulate imagination and bring an energetic atmosphere to your space.

cool cucumber rainbow play couch combo


Complementary Colour Palette

Experiment with complementary colours to create a unique and harmonious colour scheme. You could even pair "Cool Cucumber" with Cranberry Rain or Rose Blush to create a visually striking combination! Go ahead and explore different combinations and find what speaks to you!

cool cucumber play couch complementary tones

Mix with Blue Hues for a chill vibe

For a refreshing and relaxing vibe, consider incorporating shades of blue. This palette brings calm and serenity to any space and pairs beautifully with "Cool Cucumber." Try out combinations like Midnight Tide, Moon Melon, Sea Berry, or Tropical Teal and feel the coolness ambiance around you.

cool cucumber play couch blue tones decor


Fun and Playful Jungle-Inspired Theme

Finally, you can opt for a jungle-inspired color palette to bring excitement and mysteriousness to your play area or living space. Pair "Cool Cucumber" with Kiwi Swing, Honey Hop, Papaya Splash, or Terracotta Twirl, and enjoy the fun and playful theme!

cool cucumber jungle theme play couch

Choosing colours should be a fun experience, and there's no need to worry about making wrong decisions! So, go ahead and enjoy exploring different combinations with our refreshing and "Cool Cucumber" colour. It's truly versatile and can give a cool vibe to any house or play area, so unleash your creativity and transform your space with it!

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