8+ Fun Ways To Use A Play Couch With Your Baby

a toddler running on a neutral decor playroom with toys and a play couch in the middle

A play couch is a great place for babies to explore and play. It's also a place for you to spend quality time with your little one, which is important for bonding and attachment. The best part? There are so many different ways to use your baby's play couch that it will feel like an investment in your family's future instead of another toy taking up space in the living room! 🥳

Here are eight fun ways to use a play couch with your baby:

Get down on the "floor" with your baby and play!

mom on the floor playing with a baby

You can do so much more than just sit there and hold them. Here are some ideas for activities to do while laying on your play couch:

  • Show pictures: Babies love looking at high contrast visuals, like black and white line drawings, so start with those when they're little. As they get older, introduce more complex images such as color photographs, pictures or even a mirror--they will love it! Don't forget to describe what they are seeing, it's a great way to expose them to language.

  • Sing songs: Your child will learn language faster if they hear lots of different voices talking around them all day long--and singing is one way to make sure this happens! Whether it's nursery rhymes or songs from your childhood (or even just gibberish), make sure every day includes at least one round of musical entertainment before bedtime rolls around again tomorrow morning.

The play couch is a perfect way for baby to get some tummy time

baby doing tummy time on the living room

Tummy time is a very important part of your baby's development, and it's something you should be doing with your child at least once a day. Tummy time helps babies learn how to roll over, sit up, and use their neck muscles in different ways. It also helps them develop back muscles that they might not otherwise use while laying down all the time.

The play couch can be used in many ways for tummy time! You can put your baby on their belly with their arms stretched out or bent under them as they play with toys on the floor or look around at all the fun stuff going on around them (and maybe even reach out for some). You can lay down next to them so you're both facing each other and talk about what's happening in front of both of you--this will encourage interaction between parent/child pairs which promotes bonding between parent(s) and child(ren).

Set it as a play mat

baby sitting on bases playing with toys independently near a window

You can set the play couch as a mat for your baby to crawl on. This is great for helping them learn how to crawl, and it's also a good way for them to get used to moving around on their own. Set up beams at the edges of your play couch so that if your baby does fall off, they won't go far! Once they're ready for sitting up by themselves, use this same idea with pillows in place of beams (or just leave them off entirely).

Use beams to develop gross motor skills like walking

baby using a trapezoid foam piece to learn how to walk

You can use our trapezoid beams to help your little one develop gross motor skills like walking. Set up beams on the floor directly so they can slide and are at a height where they can easily stand and walk. Please do under adult supervision. Beams are great for developing balance and coordination, which are important factors in learning how to walk properly!

Let baby try his/her first obstacle course or jungle gym!

baby developing gross motor skills by climbing on a play couch to reach a toy

As your baby grows, you can use the beams as obstacles or a labyrinth perfect for crawling. You can also use the beams or bases to create tunnels for your baby to crawl through. When they're older, it's fun to create different levels for exploration and try out some climbing with the help of some folded bases and a beam underneath them as an angle (adjust according to stage).

Set it as a reading nook and expose them to language by reading a book or cards

baby on a play couch looking at cards

Reading is a great way to expose your baby to new words, and it's also a fun activity. You can read them books or cards that have pictures on them. Reading helps you bond with your child, which will help them learn language as they grow older.

Set it as a "tent" to help block sounds during nap time

baby napping

If your little one is having trouble falling asleep, try setting up their play couch as a tent and placing them inside it. The foam blocks out noise very well and this will help block out any other sounds that may be distracting them from sleeping. This only works when they don't move around too much! Always under adult supervision while using this method - accidents could happen if the baby moves too much inside the product or if there isn't enough room for their head/face (or both).

Set it up as a labyrinth

baby walking towards a labyrinth made out of foam cushions

To use your play couch as a labyrinth, all you need to do is set up some obstacles and let them figure out how to get through them.

You can also do this with your baby by crawling through the maze yourself while they follow you or vice versa; they'll love following mommy's or daddy's footsteps!

Set it as a couch to encourage independent sitting

baby sitting down on a kids couch

A play couch is an excellent way to encourage independent sitting for your baby. The best part about using a couch is that you can set it up in any room and let your child use it whenever they want! Adjust the height depending on their age. If you're looking for something more portable that will fold up easily when not in use (or if you live in an apartment), this is a great option!


So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get creative with your baby's play couch! You'll have so much fun together that you'll wish every day could be an adventure. (Remember that to always use it under adult supervision.) And don't forget to take pictures —you'll want to look back on these moments in the years to come.

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