Discover the Perfect Groovy Grape Color Combinations for your Play Area

Discover the Perfect Groovy Grape Color Combinations for your Play Area

Creating the perfect play area for your kids involves more than just choosing a play couch. The right colour palette can truly transform a space and make it inviting and fun. That's why we're here to inspire you with our new colour, "Groovy Grape," and show you how it can elevate any playroom, bedroom, or living area. 🛋️

But before we dive into the world of colour combinations, we highly recommend ordering fabric samples. Colours can change under different lights, and textures can vary, so getting a feel for the fabric in person will help you make the best decision for your space. 

A Somewhat Monochromatic Vibe

Let's start with a classic option with a twist: a monochromatic look. Picture "Groovy Grape" paired with shades of purple-ish and pinks from the same side of the spectrum. The result? A cohesive and harmonious space. Pair it with Pitaya Punch or Rose Blush.

groovy grape, pitaya punch and rose blush


Pop it with Neutrals

If you prefer a more contemporary and versatile look, why not pair "Groovy Grape" with neutrals? Imagine the play couch amidst a palette of blacks, whites, and grays. The groovy grape colour instantly becomes the star of the show, adding a bold and vibrant touch to an otherwise neutral room. Pair it with Rhino Tango, Charcoal Chill, Cotton Cloud or Sand Dune.

groovy grape with neutral colors

Vibrant Rainbow Palette

For the little ones who love a burst of colours, consider a rainbow palette. Let the play couch be the centrepiece with an array of vibrant hues. This playful combination will ignite their imagination and create a space where creativity knows no bounds. Pair it with Pitaya Punch, Tropical Teal, Kiwi Swing, Honey Hop and Papaya Splash. 🌈

play couch rainbow

Complementary Colors and Contrasts

Explore the world of contrasts by combining "Groovy Grape" with its complementary colours, such as yellow and green. This dynamic combination creates a visually striking play area, adding depth and interest to the space. Pair it with Terracotta Twirl, Honey Hop or Papaya Splash.

groovy grape with complementary colors like papaya splash, honey hop and terracotta

Calm and Tranquil Hues of Blues

When tranquillity and relaxation are key, explore the combination of "Groovy Grape" with hues of blues. This pairing creates a serene and calming environment where your little ones can unwind and recharge after an exciting day of active play. Pair it with Midnight Tide, Moon Melon, Sea Berry or Tropical Teal.

groovy grape with blues hues: midnight tide, moon melon, sea berry

Dive into a Mermaid-Inspired Theme 

Lastly, let's have some fun with a mermaid-inspired colour palette! Picture "Groovy Grape" blending beautifully with shades of blues and greens. Transform the play area into an underwater oasis where your little one's imagination can dive into a world of magic and adventure. Pair it with Rose Blush, Cool Cucumber, Pitaya Punch or our Tropical Teal. Thank you Megan Blanquiere for this idea. 🧜‍♀️


mermaid theme play couch


At the end of the day, remember these colour combinations are just ideas. There are no wrong decisions when creating a playful and vibrant space. So, embrace the opportunity to experiment and find the perfect colour combination that sparks joy and creativity in your child's world. Let's have fun exploring the world of colours!

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