FAQ V.I.P. Event 2023

FAQ V.I.P. Event 2023

We have received a lot of questions in the last few days, so we decided to write a blog post with the ones that keep coming back. If you have more questions, you can reply to this email or send us a message on Instagram or facebook! We are here to help :)  



"If I order now a coconut and fabric samples, can you only ship the play couch once I've made my decision on the color? "

Yes! If you order samples during our sale, we will hold your order! If you prefer to see the samples before you order, no problem. If you order samples during the sale and you receive them once the sale is done, we will honor the 30% off 2 weeks past the sale! Just send us a message, and we will apply a discount code :)  


"How is the OG fabric with pets? I have 2 cats 🐱"

For this one, we needed the help of our seasoned Go Coconut customers! Here are some of their answers: 


" We have a Saint Bernard who sheds A LOT and I’m surprised that it doesn’t seem to stick!"
" I have two dark coloured coconuts (midnight tide and cranberry rain) and a white cat who loves to sleep on the coconuts! When she's shedding a lot (like in the spring), her fur is very visible on the coconuts when she sleeps on them. The fabric is amazing though. The fur doesn't get stuck in the fabric of the coconut like it does on my regular couch. I can very easily wipe it off with a cloth, sweep it off with a broom or vacuum it off and they look brand new. Love the fabric!"
"I'm very pleased with how the OG fabric has held up with our 2 pets' hair. We had a Jack Russell pug mix who shedded a lot, and now an Australian Shepherd who has sheds a fair amount. Their hair hasn't been attracted or intertwined into the OG fabric like some of the fabric on our other furniture and clothing. Any hair that is on our Coconuts comes off fairly easily with either vacuuming or being wiped off.
Colour is also something to consider if pet hair on furniture is a bother for you. With our pets lighter and medium toned hair, Charcoal Chill shows it much more than Rhino Tango, which hides it quite well."

"I want to get the 30% off, but I want to receive it in December. Can I order it now?"

No problem! Just add a note to your order. If you change your mind, you can always send us an email to service@gococonut.ca 



"Does the Adventure fabric provide less adherence than the OG?"

Yes. The OG has more friction between pieces. This also means that the Adventure slides better. Both are unique and different ❤️ You can always order fabric samples. We will honour the discount for 2 weeks after the sale has ended. At the end of the day, both are great play companions!



"Why do you need to take the cushion out of the box within 14 days of receiving it?"

The longer the foam stays compressed, the longer its integrity is impacted. We want to assure the quality, that's why we only compress them right before it leaves our facility! That's also the reason why we offer deferred delivery :) If it stays a few days longer, it's ok...as long as you don't keep it in the box from May until December :) 



"Are all colors part of the 30% off sale? and the Adventure covers too?"

Yes, Everything in store! We have no exclusions on this sale. It even includes our new pennant bunting :) 

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