Go Coconut play couches at Indigo!

Go Coconut play couches at Indigo!

We are excited and honoured to announce our partnership with Indigo Books and Music, as a part of their new Mini Marché program. 

What is Mini Marché? 

The global events over the last year have shown all of us why it is important to buy from local businesses. Simply put, Mini-Marché is Indigo's newest effort at bringing the spotlight and promoting small Canadian-owned businesses, who are aligned with their values. We are honoured to have been chosen as one of only 12 businesses across Canada from more than 450 applicants to the program, but also as one of only 2 Québec businesses.

A designed shop-in-shop experience, Mini Marché will allow you to see, test, and feel the Coconut inside Indigo stores as early as October, while also being available on their online platform here.  

Mini marche at indigo 

Why Go Coconut was selected

While it was essential to be 100% Canadian owned and operated to apply to the Mini Marché program, Go Coconut was also selected for the many values focused on diversity that it shares with Indigo. They were impressed that our business leader was both a women and a BIPOC, and that our company is part owned and managed by members of the LGBTQ2+ community. They were even further impressed with our efforts to develop a business focused on sustainability through our ethical manufacturing process, our local sourcing of materials and our focus on minimizing wastes to build for the future.

Why Go Coconut chose to partner with Indigo

Indigo Books & Music is a Canadian institution. For us, partnering with them is a testament to the efforts we have placed in not only the higher quality and durability of our products, but also in the quality of our customer service, something they are especially well known for. We were also thrilled to have the opportunity to work side by side with other small Canadian businesses in making this program a success.

Where to Find Us

Our Go Coconut play couches are available online from now and in certain stores in the next few months. 

Promoting small 🇨🇦 businesses

We are very proud to stand in the Mini Marché program alongside these 11 other amazing Canadian businesses who also devote their lives to the well being of our children.

@spilt.milk.baby - From big spills to single tears, the new 100% cotton baby cloth

@numpfer - Soft, multiuse bibs & blankets, perfect for baby’s delicate skin

@stashandstory - Functional and modern baby book to track and stash family memories

@mykindnesscalendar - Products fostering self-confidence, resilience & kindness through daily affirmations

@zee_zeeworld - Puzzles enabling the communication of difficult conversations with children through play

@zurianddre - Plush dolls adding diversity and uniqueness to little one's toyboxes

@baluorganics - Elevated essentials for babies and tots

@crookedcrownkids - With a signature silicone grip, our headbands are low maintenance and no fuss

@tinykinfolk - Fun & functional organic cotton baby rompers, with 2-way zippers & fold-over cuffs

@littlenudniks - “Future-Proof” kidswear made from textile waste that usually pollutes our planet.

@thechevronheart - Socially responsible gender-neutral kids brand making a stylish statement.

We strongly encourage you to check them out on Instagram to follow them and show them some love ❤️

We are thrilled to be sharing the spotlight with these amazing businesses, and this is only the beginning of another story! You can learn more about this Indigo initiative in their press release here

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