The Play Couch Useful Guide: What Happens If You Leave it in the Box Too Long?

The Play Couch Useful Guide: What Happens If You Leave it in the Box Too Long?

The play couch is sparking the imaginations of children (and parents!) across Canada as a versatile, fun, and cozy piece of furniture. It magically combines a toy with a couch, giving your kids endless possibilities for play while offering a delightful spot for relaxation. But wait – what happens if you leave your cherished play couch chilling in its box for too long? Put your explorer hats on 🧐 because it's time to dig into this tropical treasure!

Mystery of the Boxed Up Play Couch 🎁

Ever wondered how we manage to deliver your play couch in that compact little box? This compact packaging is possible thanks to intelligent compression technology. Yes, we love all the gasps and giggles when you open it and see your couch start to balloon up like a beach ball! 😅You'll notice that it starts to expand, and we recommend letting it do so within 15 days of receiving it to ensure proper expansion and formation. 

Fun Fact: Are you aware that, at Go Coconut, we squish down all our play couches just before it waves goodbye to our manufacturing center? Why, you ask? This is our little trick to diminish its time in the box as much as feasibly possible!

Potential Consequences of Delayed Unboxing ⏰

Now, we know there are times when you might consider postponing your play couch’s unboxing fest. Maybe for space reasons, waiting for a holiday to get closer or you're saving it as a birthday surprise (sneaky, sneaky 🥳). Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but here are some potential issues that could crop up if your play couch remains boxed past the recommended timeframe:

Incomplete Expansion

The first risk of stashing your play couch in its box too long is incomplete expansion. Imagine…it's as if your play couch was trying to hold its breath when it’s in the box! Burst it open, and it takes a big gulp of air to help it return to its original size and shape. If it stays compressed for too long, it might not fully expand or may take considerably longer to perk up. 

Permanent Creases or Dents

That's right! Your play couch could end up with some subtly carved 'tattoos' in the form of creases or dents thanks to its prolonged compression. And it's well, not just a beauty blip; those imprints could slightly mess up your sweet comfort zone.

Potential Damage to Cover Material

Imagine a crumpled shirt left in your bag... for days! 👕 The compression could potentially cause some wear and tear on your play couch’s snuggly cover. 

Tips to Keep Your Play Couch Fluffy and Cozy

Maintain the quality and longevity of your play sofa with these simple suggestions:

  • Unbox Promptly: Can't wait to meet your new play couch? Great! Set your play couch free within 15 days of receiving it. Check out this blog post with some unboxing tips.
  • Give It Time: Grant ample time (from 24 hours to 2 weeks) for the couch to fully expand.
    • Insider's tip: Right after your kiddos rip open that box 🎁, open up the zipper, around 3 inches and let your children bounce on the play couch. It's the quickest method to let the air in!
  • Use It Regularly: Let the tumbling games commence! Consistent use helps maintain its shape and fluffiness. 
  • Follow Care Instructions: Love your play couch and it'll love you right back. Keep it looking fresh by cleaning it according to the directions sent with your play couch. 

Wrapping it Up (or Should We Say "Unwrapping"? 😉)

While stashing your new play couch in its box might seem harmless initially, it could lead to a few un-fun hiccups like incomplete expansion, enduring creases or dents, and potential wear and tear due to long compression times. 

So if you've got a lovely box of joy arriving soon or already waiting patiently in a corner – don't delay! Pop open the box, and let the breakout party begin! 🎉 Remember, each day without a fully plumped-up play couch is a day without fantastical forts, magical movie nights, and that delightful cozy corner for your bedtime stories. 

P.S.: Still trying to figure out when to order? Don't sweat it! At Go Coconut, we are here to help! Just pop in a delivery date on the product page when you're ready. 📅 Our skilled team will whisk your play couch away to you in no time, ensuring it doesn't linger in the box too long. Less worry, more play! 🛋️🎉 Check how to here. 

If you need any help, send us a message to Our awesome team will love to help you!

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