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Whether you are looking for a reloved play couch or our zero waste products, we got you!

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Almost New Coconut


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These play companions were designed to reuse fabric scraps from other products to reduce the amount of waste


Pennant Bunting



Even though the foam is brand new, the cushion covers are almost new.

Floor Models Covers: 
These are covers used on our photoshoots!

Refurbished Covers: It happens every so often that one of our covers experiences a small break soon after arriving to its new home. In those cases, our customers send us back the damaged covers right away.

Odd Covers: Sometimes we receive fabric with a slightly tone difference from our regular fabric, or use a different zipper slider.

For all covers: We inspected them, sanitized the fabric, replaced fabric panels, repaired broken seams and zippers when necessary, and voila! Ready to be play with again!

For sanitary reasons, at the moment all our "Almost new" play couches have new foam.

Yes! They carry our standard warranty. See more here.

Reloved allows you to trade in your cover, buy refurbished play couches at a discount or buy products made from fabric scraps aligned with our Zero Waste initiative.

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We add inventory every 1st and 15th of the month.

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No. No discount or referral codes can be applied to these products.


The inevitable cycle

The best thing we can do for our planet and our kids future is to cut down on consumption and reduce waste. At Go Coconut, we manufacture high quality products with multipurpose that won't break after using with your child, and that can be passed on to another child.

We know that still, there is always a small percentage that doesn't pass quality control or maybe breaks within the first few weeks. Most companies consider these pieces as unusable, but with this approach we are creating more waste for our planet, something we all want to avoid.

Reloved program

We are now introducing our reloved program. It is intended to give you access to products at a discounted price and also to divert refurbished, odd and almost new items from landfills.

Giving perfectly good items a second chance in your home. ✌️