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Needing some change?
Let us buy it back from you!

Trade in your covers and get cash back on your new ones.

Coconut covers are designed to last, but life is also made of changes!

Wishing for a new colour after repainting the kid’s bedroom? Our new Outdoor fabric caught your eye? You can now get up to 50% off on the purchase of your next covers by trading in your old ones❣️ With 22 colours in our OG fabric and 5 more that can be taken outdoors, you are sure to find a match for what your heart desire.

How does it work?

Purchase Your New Cover

Purchase your new set of covers directly from our website at a regular price. At checkout, look for the textbox and mention your desire to trade in your old covers. 

Let us know you want to trade in
Send Us Your Old Cover

Canada Post return labels will be placed inside your box. Please wash your old covers with an odourless soap before returning them for assessment to maximize the grade they will receive.

Get Your Cashback

Upon reception, your covers will be assessed by our team of professionals to establish your cashback offer ranging from 20 to 50%, according to its condition.

Still Have Questions?

While we plan to expand the Reloved program to all our products in the future, we currently only accept half Coconut and full Coconut covers that were originally sold new.

There are 3 levels available, reflecting the condition of the covers received.

  1. Pristine covers should look almost the same as when they were shipped. All seams are perfect and the fabric is uniform in its condition. Covers judged as Pristine will receive 50% of their pre-tax purchase amount.
  2. Good condition will be granted to typical wear & tear, relative to the amount of time they were owned. As such, seams might have loosened, become unsewn, a zipper pull could be broken, or a zipper might have stretched. While replacing a small amount of fabric is acceptable, it should be in good condition overall to obtain 35% off of your cover purchase. 
  3. Rough, is the way we would describe covers that have received a bit more damage. If more than a couple of items from the issues listed in the above category apply to your cover, they will likely fall in this section. Even in rough conditions, you could get 20% of your pre-tax purchase in cash back. 

While everything can be repaired, covers requiring more than 2 individual panels to be replaced to be considered refurbished as new, will be rejected. Should a cover be rejected, customer service will reach out to you directly to discuss the situation. If the fabric cannot be reused, we will send it through the proper channels to be recycled. To minimize the amount of shipping back and forth, we will not return any covers that does not receive credit.

Sadly, the Reloved program cannot be combined with any other active promotion on the Go Coconut website. New covers must be purchased at full price to qualify for the cashback offer.

Please take a look at "How will Go Coconut determine my cashback?" before sending us your used covers, to make sure we accept whatever you are sending us and that you're aware of the value of your covers. Unfortunately, if the covers you send are outside the scope of the program, we will not provide credit and will not return your covers. We hope that you send us your used covers to extend its life.

If you are not sure on which category your product will fall in, you can send us an email to service@gococonut.ca. It will be our pleasure to do a preliminary assessment.

Any other questions, simply send us a mail to service@gococonut.ca