The Play Couch Useful Guide: For how long can I leave it in the box?

The Play Couch Useful Guide: For how long can I leave it in the box?

Ever caught yourself daydreaming about a play couch surprise on Christmas morning or at your little one's birthday party? You know, that moment when your kiddos' eyes light up at their awesome new playmate? Yup, we've been there too! But there are a few things to consider to ensure your play couch remains in perfect condition for that special unboxing moment.

Your New Play Couch Buddy 🛋️

A play couch is a unique piece of furniture designed with kids in mind. It's essentially a modular children’s sofa made up of foam pieces. In the case of the OG Coconut play couch, it’s four awesome pieces that make it unique: two foldable thick bases, and our two signature long trapezoid pieces (our beloved ‘beams’). The beauty of the play couch concept lies in its versatility; it can be transformed into forts, loungers, and more. It's like giving your kiddos a carte blanche to let their imagination run wild!

The Coconut play couches are shipped directly from our manufacturing facility to your doorstep in a big yellow box. So if you're planning to make it a Christmas or birthday surprise for your little ones, you might be concerned about storage and whether it's okay to leave it boxed up until then. 

How long can my play couch stay in the box?

Well, it depends on how long you want to keep it compressed! We recommend unboxing it within 2 weeks of reception. Can it stay an extra week? Yes, no problem. Can it stay for a few months there? We do not recommend it, and it won’t be covered by our warranty if it does. See here some of the potential risks if you decide to keep it in the box for long. Did you also know that at Go Coconut you can ask for a delayed order delivery? Just write on the product page your selected date and our team will take care of it! We will do the math for you :) 

Storing Your Boxed Play Couch Until the Special Day

Here are some tips on how best to store your play couch while stile in the box:

  1. Keep It Cool And Dry: Store your boxed play couch in an area that's cool and dry. Avoid places with high humidity or extreme temperatures as these conditions could potentially affect the foam over time.
  1. Avoid Sharp Objects: Ensure that there aren't any sharp objects around that could accidentally puncture or tear the box and damage your play couch.
  1. Out Of Reach: If this is meant to be a surprise gift for your children, make sure it's stored out of their reach!

Unboxing Your Play Couch

Fast forward to the big day - here are some tips for you before the unboxing:

  1. Give It Time To Expand: Once removed from its packaging, give your play couch some time (usually anything between 24 hours to two weeks) to fully expand and regain its shape.
  1. Covers with wrinkles: The covers might have wrinkles due to being compressed; these will eventually smooth out with use. Don’t worry!
  1. Let The Fun Begin: Once expanded and covered, let your kids' imagination run wild as they explore all the fun configurations they can create with their new play couch!

Here's everything you need to know for unboxing your play couch.

Wrapping It Up 🎀

So in a nutshell (or should we say, a box?! 😜), your play couch can stay compressed for a limited time. It all depends on how long you want to keep it in the box! Remember our tips on where and how best to store it so when it’s finally unboxed by excited little hands. And that, at Go Coconut, you can tell us your selected delivery date and we will ship it out on time. We are always there to help you!

The joy on your little ones’ faces as they discover their new playmate will undoubtedly make all the anticipation worthwhile! So go ahead – order that Coconut couch now and enjoy watching the magic unfold on your special day.

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